Spencer Perrin: The richest that never was


Perhaps the weirdest news coming out of Australian Basketball in some time is the story of Spencer Perrin, a 6’5 forward from Kentucky who signed with the Geraldton Buccaneers in Western Australia’s state competition.

News coming out of Kentucky indicated that Perrin has signed a guaranteed three year deal worth $1 million.  In the article found here (take the time to read it, it is pure gold), Perrin shares such profound insights such as Australia being its own island, but also proclaims some tantalising details such as “being committed to Australian Basketball” and planning citizenship so he can “play on the 2016 National Team”. Perrin also claimed this to be the “best deal he has ever signed” and that he and his family were being flown to Australia on a private jet where they will stay in a “three bedroom apartment on the beach” and is looking forward to living in the “most tropical part of Australia” and playing in “best league in Australia”.

The Buccaneers have since severed ties with Perrin. Their media release states they were “dumbfounded” by Perrin’s comments.



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