Open letter to Fans at the NBL and those at the Grand Final Series

Attention basketball fans of Auckland and Perth.
By now you may have heard about the bloke with a great idea who managed to fire up signs that read “ONE SUX” and “LIVE NBL” in the background of the broadcast of game one of the Blaze v Wildcats semi-final. By game three of that series that number had multiplied to at least three signs that proudly displayed the confident message.
This comes on the back of David Barham, honcho of sport at Network 10, wiping his and his employers hands clean of any wrongdoing with broadcasting finals games after midnight; saying that the ratings “weren’t good” but conveniently omitting that the sport hasn’t been given a chance to succeed in better timeslots under the current contract. Barham even went as far as to state that the network had not received any complaints about NBL games not being aired live. Well David, that might happen when your crew is busy deleting comments about the NBL off ONE HD’s Facebook page and ignoring criticisms on Twitter. Ignorance might be bliss, but it isn’t an excuse.
Therefore we call upon and urge all NBL grand final spectators to bear “ONE SUX” and “NBL LIVE” signage at every game in the New Zealand v Perth series. David Barham and ONE HD might say that no one has been complaining about their ‘sketchy at best’ NBL presentation but it is going to be pretty hard ignoring a message that is being beamed across Australia and New Zealand.  It is time to show ONE HD exactly how basketball and NBL fans feel about ONE’s end of the bargain that is broadcasting the NBL. Imagine this type of treatment happening to any of the other major sporting leagues in Australia or New Zealand, let alone playoff or final games.
So, collaborate and spread the word and we hope to see you all standing behind the message at the game.
Haggard & R.Diddy
Can’t Buy a Basket

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