NBL 13/14 Round 3 musings


Wow, the powers that be who control the NBL website finally updated the league leader stats to reflect this season.


James Ennis is still dunking all over the place. Ennis earned frequent flier miles in Auckland and Sydney this week.






Spirits were high after the 36ers v Tigers game, both teams going out for a night of fun. Looks like they went to the same place ‘Mosh Girl’ (‘member her?} frequents. Check out Peach, BJ Anthony and Auryn McMillin get their freak on on the dance floor.



Guess who is back? that lovable character Gary Wilkinson returns to the Breakers at the expense of Darnell Lazare and Jeremiah Trueman. I feel for Trueman, I really do, but is the villain (other than Wortho and Redhage) that the league needs?



Now for something different. Here is our first segment of ‘Remember them?’

straight the bat. Robert Sibley. I ‘member Robert setting a HUGE screen on Trevor Torrance.

Robert Sibley




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